A selection of genuine testimonials.

“It is so good that when my husband and I are away overseas that we have been able to rely on Robyn from Happy at Home Pet Care.

Our dogs really love her and look forward to her visits. My cat definitely prefers to stay in our own home instead of a cattery. As well as looking after our dogs, cat and an aquarium full of fish I have the added benefit of know that Robyn is checking on the house each day and everything is safe and secure.

This gives us great ease when planning work trips or holidays that our animal family and home is in capable hands.”


“I’m so pleased to have found Robyn – it’s so lovely to have someone who my dogs absolutely adore and whom I trust completely to look after my pooches as well as my home.

She always has my dogs best interests at the fore and has also dealt fantastically with a few unusual situations my house has thrown at her too!

I am truly thankful for Robyn’s professionalism and her genuine concern”


“My name is Fiona and I have three beautiful cats who are absolutely everything to me. For a long time I haven’t felt comfortable going away on weekends or holidays as I’ve hated leaving them.

I’ve had friends that would come over but the cats were never overly happy with me when I got home (they’re very timid and I suspect my friends wanted to pat them or look at them…) but when I come home after Robyn’s been over, the cats look very comfortable – really as if I had never left.

At first I was a bit put out by that, bit jealous!! But now I realise that this gives me some real freedom to do things without feeling guilty about leaving them. I’m extremely happy with the service that Robyn provides and she certainly is very good at what she does as my babies can be quite skittish and they’re fine with her…. so I would recommend Robyn without hesitation.”